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Straight through Transylvania

On the second day of our trip everyone had to wake up around seven o’clock. Which caused a somewhat quiet breakfast, especially in combination with the effects of the night before… We had breakfast in the living room. There was still some pasta left from the day before, so some people were lucky enough to have that for breakfast.

Around 08:00 the bus left from the hostel, the same time on which the cupcake store nextdoor opened. This unfortunately peanut butter meant no cupcakes.

The two and a half hour bus ride was the perfect time for the night owls of us to catch up on some sleep.

For those counting, we got to Zieke Soeara (Sighișoara) at 10:30, a small town where apparently Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) lived.We walked uphill to a church with the god of thunder displayed on the tower. After a snowball fight with some Romanian school children we went for lunch and got back to the bus.

At 15:30 we arrived at Bran Castle, the apparent legendary home of Vlad. After a walk through the castle, we took lots of pictures in the snow covered garden, where Mees bested a frozen pond and made an interesting portrait. Then we went for dinner at a local restaurant with most of the group, after which we had to hurry back to the bus due to irritated bus drivers.

Then, after a long ride in the dark on a road full of hairpin turns and mountain hills, we arrived at our hostel in Bucharest. Everyone was tired of the lots of sleeping in the bus so went to dream the most amazing dreams of count dracula eating cupcakes in the snow.

– Ivo Kraayeveld & Bart Bas

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