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Tasting the culture of the wonderful city of Cluj-Napoca

It’s Wednesday morning the 14th of February 2018. We wake up in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca. After having breakfast at the cozy living room at the second floor of our Zen Hostel. When finished and finally complete we gathered in front of the hostel to meet two students of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. The students, Dani Costea and Andra Oprita were our guides this day and showed us various facilities of this university.

During the first hours at the university we were introduced by vice-dean and a professor. After this talk the labs of the university were introduced. When visiting those we were quite surprised by the ancient analog equipment they used to teach their students about the origins of the modern measurement tools they will use in the next coming years. In the next room the vice-dean told us about different projects happening at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and demonstrated some of those. Having told about all the serious stuff it was time to head to the real man-cave of the teaching staff. We were taken to a basement and were introduced to the toy store of the professors. A nice gaming rig, comfy chair, large beamer and a mining rig were all present in this room. Besides various battle bots from the university’s own yearly championship were presented.

After seeing the completely awesome leisure room we went by bus to visit another building of the university. We got to talk to various master students about the curriculum and way of teaching at their university. Next we left the university and went to an enormous shopping mall with our two guides. We got some spare time here and looked around in the various stores.

After dinner we would meet in front of the hostel to go to a pub together with Dani and Andra. At the Che Guevara social pub. We got a great evening here and were complimented by our guides because of our enormous drinking skills.

After a nice night we went to bed to start our next adventure to Bucharest visiting Sighișoara and Bran castle, two very nice places of interest. We were Mees Geurds and Kevin van Hastenberg and were proud to inform you about our very inspiring and joyful day.

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