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Companies & Pub Crawl

On Friday we woke up at 7:30 to leave for Microchip at 8:00. They presented all parts of their company to us, where we learnt that the company holds 25% of all market shares in 8-bit microcontrollers. We learnt about all their microcontrollers, code generators, applications and more. The presentations took longer than expected so we had to contact Asti automation to tell them we would arrive late. In the meantime we had lunch and then we walked half an hour to Asti. At Asti they showed us their assembly line used in factories and they told us about their cooperation with universities and companies such as Siemens. They enthousiastically encouraged us to take an internship at their company. Around half 5 we were finished at Asti and then we had free time. Most of the group went to the hostel but we left to view the city. After having dinner we did a pub crawl, starting at 21:30. We had a lot of fun exploring the nightlife in Bucharest. Eventually we ended up at a club named Revenge, which was actually cheaper than het Walhalla. Here some of us stayed for a long time and decorated the bar with all the empty beer bottles. We had a great night.

– Leon CavĂ© & Noortje Geijs

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