Below you can find the general layout of the visits we will have during our trip. Apart from these visits, there will be free time to explore the cities at your own freedom.


Tuesday 13th of February

  • Flight from Eindhoven to Cluj-Napoca, flight no. W6 3342
  • Stay at Zen hostel Pura Vida


Wednesday 14th of February

  • Visit to the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


Thursday 15th of February

  • Bus journey to Bucharest through Tranzilvania
  • Stop at the mountain village Sighisoara
  • Stop at Bran Castle, the castle of Dracula
  • Stay at Bucur’s Shelter hostel


Friday 16th of February

  • Company visit at Microchip Romania
  • Company visit at Asti Automation


Saturday 17th of February

  • Cultural visit to the Palace of Parliament


Sunday 18th of February

  • Flight back from Bucharest to Eindhoven, flight no. W6 3071